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DarkMatter Group purpose:

Enabling a smart and safe digital world


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DarkMatter Group vision:

A world where businesses and governments harness and maximize the benefits of the digital environment effectively and safely

DarkMatter Group mission:

To be the leading provider of smart and safe digital transformation to businesses and governments. In order to realize this, our priorities are to:

Enable digital transformation through bespoke strategies and execution, supported by applied technologies
Protect our clients’ business through cyber products and services
Nurture digital talent and promote knowledge transformation
Empower governments to defend the critical infrastructure that underpins society


In today’s world, it is hard to imagine a life unconnected; our businesses, governments and societies rely heavily on data and networked technology. The blending of infrastructure and technology has given rise to ‘smart cities’, and irreversible trends like the Internet of Things, autonomous transportation, cloud computing, plus 5G are poised to fundamentally shift the way we live.

The benefits are unprecedented: the creation of powerful global social networks and efficient business practices, along with significant developments in access to education, health and transport.

Yet advancing digitization is giving rise to new and accelerating risks and threats. Increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminal networks are attacking individuals, enterprises and nations – a situation exacerbated by a worsening shortage in cyber security experts and digital talent.

What we are experiencing is a phenomenon called ‘tech-tension’ – where our quest and rapid adoption of technology are not adequately matched by the ability of individuals, businesses and governments to protect themselves and respond to cyber incidents that target digital assets directly or indirectly.
To prosper, our digital society must mature and become cyber resilient. Our belief is that organizations must transform their cyber posture from static readiness and defense to a holistic digital maturity that embraces the cognitive nature of modern business.

Message from our founder

Faisal Al Bannai, Founder and Managing Director

The DarkMatter Group


The DarkMatter Group exists to enable businesses and governments to become smart, safe, and cyber resilient.

As an end-to-end provider of smart and safe digital transformation, we’re uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the strategy, technology, and operating model to achieve business continuity amidst adverse and constantly evolving cyber threats. Our strength lies in the diversity of our practices, which work together to enable cyber, digital, and knowledge transformation.

DarkMatter Group weaves cyber resilience seamlessly into the very fabric of an organization through its four practices:

DarkMatter is the Cyber Security and Secure Communications practice which focuses on security, safety, and resilience for businesses.

DigitalX1 is the Digital Transformation and Applied Technologies practice which helps businesses and governments harness advanced technologies in pursuit of operational excellence.

DigitalE1 is the Education practice which seeks to advance knowledge transformation by embedding digital talent in the company’s services.

Government Solutions is the practice dedicated to helping governments strengthen their defense and security posture through bespoke technologies.


Enabling Smart and Safe Digital


What sets us apart is our holistic view of digitization. We take a first principle approach to our problem solving and strive to provide our clients with the most efficient combination of bespoke solutions that capture their distinct operating environments with models that can be deployed and scaled rapidly.

Our commitment to the Middle East is paramount. The region is young and ambitious, undergoing rapid transformation as it diversifies towards becoming a knowledge economy that creates opportunities for its young people. We’re here to serve the full spectrum of needs of the organizations that drive the region’s growth and progress.

Our deep expertise in technology and cyber security allows us to understand how to best harness advanced technologies and anticipate cyber threats, particularly in our region. Since being established in 2015, we have developed a portfolio of solutions aimed at enhancing and securing critical infrastructure within the key sectors that underpin society: defense and intelligence, civil government, financial services, transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

We have dedicated Market Solution Centers (MSCs) providing expertise tailored to each sector, which will be bolstered by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are highly specialized in relevant technology areas for each sector.

Research and innovation are at the core of everything we do: our network of R&D centers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia actively approach tomorrow’s opportunities and threats, helping our clients to become digitally resilient. We view transformational technologies through the lens of applied solutions, meaning that in the realm of smart and safe digital we are constantly investing in the fields of blockchain, cryptography and other advanced technologies.

We follow an open innovation model, which combines strong internal research and development capabilities with external partnerships that are targeted to address specific problems. Our team of experts includes some of the world’s best digital architects, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and cryptographers. Over a fifth of our employees focus on developing innovative solutions, new software and technologies that can be trusted. For example, our cutting edge KATIM secure communications suite is a testament to our ongoing commitment to developing pioneering solutions. Collectively, DarkMatter group experts hold over 300 patents.

As a result, business leaders and governments trust us to provide the essential cyber security services, products and expertise to help secure what matters most to them – their business operations and data – as well as how to strive for continued operational excellence.

Looking ahead


For our digital society to thrive, there must be uncompromised and unparalleled trust in the system.

We understand that smart technologies are only as good as the trust that binds them.

DarkMatter Group takes trust to a new level with not only innovative technology for digital societies, but open policies that instill trust in our solutions.

We’re committed to protecting the continued march of technological innovation, and the global prosperity it builds.

Through advising companies with their digital transformation processes, and constantly nurturing talent and generating new ideas and solutions, DarkMatter Group is dedicated to helping organizations reach their full potential and combating the cyber threats that could inhibit our common progress.



Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading Cyber Security company in the region, DarkMatter recognizes its special responsibility in the field of corporate social responsibility. Our areas of focus – education and the environment – reflect where we can make the biggest impact as a positive corporate citizen.

Our education and training commitment is particularly focused on training Emiratis. We also work to raise awareness among K-12 and university students, both Emiratis and expatriates, regarding opportunities in ICT and broader STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

We work with a number of government, academic and private-sector partners to promote these goals through one-off and ongoing initiatives. One example is the Emirati Coder Initiative, a programme for Emirati students aged 7-14. Held in Al Ain and Ajman, the 12-week course provides a curriculum that teaches game development, robotics and coding, and app development. Students develop their own applications, compete in hackathons and earn coding certificates.

DarkMatter also recognizes the impact that the IT sector has on the environment, and so we are committed to managing our offices, labs and operations centers in a manner that minimizes our footprint through best-practice standards and procedure