Shreekant (Ticky) Thakkar

Chief Scientist – Advanced Research


Shreekant Thakkar (Ticky) is Chief Scientist Advanced Research at DarkMatter, where he oversees the firm’s research activities in a number of key technologies in the areas Secure Communications; End Point Functionality and Security; the Internet of Things (IoT); and Smart Cities. He is also responsible for research of the firm’s new generation of products, reporting directly to DarkMatter Founder and CEO.

Ticky has held senior positions with a number of multi-national technology companies including roles at Qualcomm, HP and Intel before joining DarkMatter in January 2018.

At Qualcomm, he was the Chief Solutions Architect, where he led the delivery of Qualcomm Data Technologies solution architecture. Prior to this he held several Vice President positions within HP and Prior to joining HP, Ticky was an Intel Fellow and spent over 20 years at the company, where he was known as the ‘Father of the Intel Centrino and Atom Platforms.’ His work drove new, multibillion-dollar revenue streams at the company.

His experience spans concept development, and identification of emerging technologies including hardware, software, systems and product design in areas such as servers. He holds over 80 patents and has published 30 technical papers, while also editing journals and books.

Ticky holds a BS in Computer Science and Statistics from University College London, and a MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester.