Cyber Defense

Our Cyber Defense team focuses on three key areas: security, safety, and resilience. Our end-to-end cyber solutions strengthen the cyber security posture of our clients, helping to build resilient institutions.

Cyber Transformation and Resilience

We take a “first principle” approach to our clients’ most challenging cyber needs.  We believe that every client is unique and thus each client requires a bespoke solution to their cyber needs.  With deep expertise in securing nations and large enterprises and a detailed understanding of the countries we operate in, we have developed a framework that encompasses the total lifecycle of our clients' cyber journeys. The aim behind this framework is to ensure our clients’ business continuity, protect their digital footprint, and enable a higher level of security posture and resilience.  We partner with our clients throughout this journey, from assessing their security posture to managing towards higher resilience.   The process of achieving this is illustrated below following 3 distinct yet interdependent stages.

1. Assess: In this stage, we assess and baseline our clients’ security maturity and posture.  We apply advanced techniques and technologies in this stage and engage domain experts to fully map out the client's current state, benchmark them against local and global peers, and define the desired state roadmap.

2. Transform: Understanding the security posture is valuable, but unless we take action from that understanding the assessment would be limited in its value to the clients.  In this stage, we develop a clear implementation plan of the cyber transformation needed across our clients’ ecosystem to ensure the desired state is achieved.

3. Manage: After the digital transformation is done, it is crucial to continue the transformation and assessment through the ongoing management of the clients’ cyber posture.  In this stage, the 3 distinct domains that require ongoing management are the data-domain, access-domain, and security-operations-domain.  The focus on these 3 domains helps our clients improve their cyber resilience while maintaining full visibility of the rest.

Securing Communications and Collaboration

DarkMatter offers a range of products and solutions to protect your voice and video communication, data, and other information while providing you with the full flexibility and benefits of mobile and converged devices. We provide products and services targeted at protecting the confidentiality and integrity of voice, video and data communication over all types of wired and wireless networks.
We also recognize that whether on a national, organizational or individual level, the full benefits of digitization can only be realized if all participants have absolute confidence that what they do across private and public networks will remain private and confidential. They must equally have the assurance that the integrity of what is sent is preserved, and that there is certainty about the identity of all senders and receivers.