Cyber Strategy

At DarkMatter we believe every business need a tailored approach to managing cyber resilience based on their company’s cyber security posture and various external factors.

We recognise that all organizations face constraints -- financial, human and organizational – when making cyber security investments. That is why we help organizations prioritize their approach. This also helps remove the complexity and uncertainty surrounding your cyber security development and implementation process.

We put our clients in the best position to protect their networks, detect intrusions, and respond and recover from attacks

After developing a keen understanding of your business requirements, our team of experts assess your risk posture and put in place a mitigation plan that takes you from your current risk state to a mature risk state.  We perform an initial gap assessment and create a dashboard that allows you to track progress toward the mature risk state.  In addition, we help CISOs educate senior leadership on what is required, using language that empowers CEOs and Board members to take informed decisions. If you don’t yet have a CISO, we can play that role for you on an interim or ongoing basis.

We are committed to delivering the following to our clients:

  • Clear path forward to reach target cyber security goals
  • Educate senior leadership using language that allows for informed decision making
  • Provide a perspective on how cyber security requirements directly impact key business performance metrics

We aim to put customers in the best position to protect their networks, detect intrusions, and respond and recover from attacks to: 

Navigate Complexity: Guiding clients through a cyber security landscape that is ever-changing and increasingly complex

End-to-End Coverage: Strategic advisory covering the full range of cyber security services, from Information Assurance to Cyber Resiliency to Procurement




Listed below are some of the ways we help our clients:

Information Assistance

Governance, risk and compliance are at the heart of information assurance. DarkMatter brings the full set of risk assessment and mitigation tool to generate a comprehensive roadmap to full compliance with the regulations and standards applicable to your organization.

We are experts in industry-based compliance; our experts have helped develop global standards, and we are also regional experts, whether for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or the European Union.



Cyber Resilience

We deliver a comprehensive assessment of your current cyber security risk posture, from your policies and architecture to penetration testing to the review of devices, software and networks.

We can examine your security operations center, your secure communication systems and protocols, public key infrastructure (PKI) systems, and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptography.



Business Efficiency

DarkMatter leverages the intersection of IT security and IT performance to help organizations implement an IT environment that not only delivers critical cyber security but also unlocks business efficiency opportunities.

We assess your need for an on-premise, cloud or hybrid architecture; whether desktop, Office, Windows or Exchange migration could deliver business improvements; and the role of big data, analytics, Blockchain, IoT and IIoT in your operations.




Technology Assessment

DarkMatter cuts through the marketing claims and complex technology to help you select the cyber security and IT infrastructure hardware and software required to keep your organization safe.

We also provide the most sophisticated testing of mobile and IoT devices, all types of software and network hardware, and even cryptography.