Trust Services

We recognise that whether on a national, organisational or individual level, the full benefits of digitisation can only be realised if all participants have absolute confidence that what they do across private and public networks will remain private and confidential. They must be sure that what is sent will not be lost, altered or eavesdropped along the way, and that there is certainty about the identity of all senders and receivers.

Our approach recognises that while PKI is one of the most effective tools to achieve digital certainty and trust, like a chain, it is only as strong as its weakest link. We work with you to ensure your PKI ecosystem is designed, implemented and managed in a truly secure manner.

We also work with you with the understanding that any PKI implementation must be dynamic and flexible enough to cover the tremendous diversity of applications.

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DarkMatter PKI operates under Service Provider License CSP-[001\17] issued by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates on the 18th of May 2017. 

National PKI Services


We support UAE federal authorities in establishing a best-in-class national PKI infrastructure. This includes creating a national Root Certificate Authority (CA) and sub-CAs for various government and private sector entities which we currently operate. We support the design and rollout of the hardware, certificate lifecycle and token management, registration and ongoing system monitoring.



Professional Services


We provide a range of services to organisations looking to implement their own PKI architecture, including PKI advisory services and a range of managed services. 

For organisations implementing their own PKI architecture, we can develop a bespoke design, detail your resource requirements, support the issuance of RFPs, help review submissions, and procure the required infrastructure.

We also offer a DarkMatter Registration Authority service that manages for you the authentication of users and devices via either an on-premise or cloud-based solution. For software app developers, we provide advisory on how you can seamlessly incorporate PKI architecture into your apps.



Digital Certificate Services



We offer a range of certificates, among them: SSL/TLS server certificates, including EV, OV, wildcard and multi-domain; client certificates, including authentication, email protection, document signing and file protection.

Dark Matter is an official WebTrust certified Certification Authority and has been granted WebTrust seals of assurance enabling us to issue publicly-trusted digital certificates. 

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DarkMatter Extended Validation (EV) SSL/TLS Certificates offer the highest degree of authentication and protection, ensuring that your web-based services reflect the highest industry standards and that you and your customers can be assured that data transmitted through them incorporates this level of security. DarkMatter Organisation Validated (OV) SSL Certificates help your organisation establish secure data communication conduits via TLS/SSL protocols.

DarkMatter CA provides secure SSL/TLS Server certificates according to the EV SSL certificate guidelines and OV Baseline Requirements guidelines issued by CA/B Forum. Multiple options are available to cater to your needs, such as certificates based on either RSA or ECC keys.


DarkMatter supplies Individual Certificates such as Authentication Certificates, S/MIME Certificates, and Document-Signing Certificates. These certificates are used for specialised data encryption and authentication purposes, including strong two-factor authentication for individuals, the confidentiality and integrity of emails, and the digital signing of documents, including MS Word and PDF formats.