Digital Talent

A smart and safe digital future can only be fully realized with the right Cyber and Digital knowledge complemented by tools. That is why our Education practice focuses on knowledge transformation through fostering local talent and knowledge in the digital space: including cybersecurity, STEM subjects, and digitization. The development of digital talent is at the centre of every solution we bring to our clients, and we are committed to developing four distinct traits in individuals:

First, they embrace a digital-first mindset

Second, they spread digitally-enabled working practices and learnings

Third, they raise the level of digital dexterity in the organization

And fourth, they facilitate knowledge management and collaboration

To achieve this, we have also developed dedicated programmes that identify and nurture these digital traits across three areas.

Cyber Education

Our Cyber Education offer includes a wide range of courses and programmes aimed at boosting cyber skills - from basic security awareness programmes to bespoke training for specific industries and professions

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Talent Management

Our Talent Management offering aims to develop digital skills and embed a digital mindset more broadly across the UAE through scholarships, summer camps and courses. 

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