25 Nov 18 - 28 Nov 18

DarkMatter partners with Hack in the Box Conference in Dubai

25th – 28th November 2018

Grand Hyatt, Dubai


After an 8-year hiatus, the HITB Security Conference series returns to Dubai (HITB2018DXB) in partnership with DarkMatter Group.

HITB2018DXB will feature 2-day technical training courses followed by a 2-day multi-track conference. The conference days will feature HITB’s popular Capture the Flag competition, a technology exhibition with a focus area on IoT and blockchain related tech, a car hacking village, hardware related village and a space for makers and hackerspaces. There will also be a CommSec track - a free-to-attend track of 30 and 60-minute talks that we also live stream on Youtube!

This is not all! In parallel to Hack in the Box Security Conference Dubai, DarkMatter Group is hosting an annual business conference targeting key industries in the United Arab Emirates. The conference "Beyond Cyber" is taking place on the 27th of November 2018 at Grand Hyatt Dubai and will focus on the theme of a Smart & Safe Digital.

As the local partner of HITB2018DXB we are offering complimentary tickets to cyber geniuses in the UAE. The contest is being run on Twitter where you have to DM us your biggest cyber achievement till date and stand a chance to get a complimentary ticket. Hurry follow us on Twitter and watch out for the contest information


Keynote Speakers



Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Office, KPN

Jaya Baloo has been working internationally in Information Security for fifteen years. Her focus has been on secure network architecture design, and she has completed projects ranging from Lawful Interception, Deep Packet Inspection, VoIP & Mobile Security to designing national MPLS infrastructures and ISP architectures. She has worked for a number of telecom providers, Verizon and France Telecom among others, and currently works for KPN Telecom in the Netherlands where she is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).



Mikko Hypponen

CRO, F-Secure

Mikko Hypponen is a worldwide authority on computer security and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. He has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American and lectured at the universities of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge. Hypponen has been listed on Foreign Policy Magazine’s Top 100 Global Thinkers list. His TED Talk has been seen by 1,5 million people and translated to 40 languages. He’s also the Curator for the Malware Museum at the Internet Archive. He does his own stunts.










Dr.Manar Abu Talib

Assistant Dean, College of Sciences at the University of Sharjah

Dr. Manar Abu Talib is assistant dean of College of Sciences at the University of Sharjah in the UAE. Dr. Abu Talib’s research interest includes software engineering with substantial experience and knowledge in conducting research in software measurement, software quality, software testing, ISO 27001 for Information Security, blockchain, IoT and Open Source Software. Manar is also working on ISO standards for measuring the functional size of software, and has been involved in developing the Arabic version of ISO 19761 (COSMIC-FFP measurement method).

She published more than 40 refereed conferences, journals, manuals and technical reports, involved in more than 200 professional activities and sponsored research activities and supervised 30 capstone projects. She received the Best Teacher Award two times, the Exemplary Faculty Award in 2008 and 2010, Google CS4HS Award in 2014, QCRI ArabWIC and Anita Borg Institute Faculty scholarships in 2015, outstanding University & Community Service Award in 2016 and Exemplary Leader Award in WiSTEM 2016.

She was the Counselor of IEEE Student Branch at Zayed University, 2012-2013 and founder and former CEO of Emirates Digital Association for Women (EDAW111). She is the ArabWIC VP of Chapters in Arab Women in Computing Association (ArabWIC), Google Women Tech Maker Lead, an executive member in UAE IEEE Section & Women in Engineering (WIE), the Sharjah Google Developer Group Advisor, the UAE representative for the COSMIC-FPP Education Committee, Co-coordinator of OpenUAE Research & Development Group and the International Collaborator to Software Engineering Research Laboratory in Montreal, Canada. 











Dr. Qassim Nasir

Associate Professor, University of Sharjah

Qassim Nasir is an Associate Professor in University Of Sharjah since 2009. In his current position. Dr. Nasir research are in blockchain, Internet of things (IoT), secure data telecommunications, secure networking. He also did work on cognitive Radio, haptic data transmission, data encryption using chaos, cloud security, and Digital Phase Locked loops.

Dr. Nasir has published over 90 as journal articles, conference articles, and book chapters. Prior to joining the University of Sharjah, UAE in 2001 and for six years, Dr. Nasir was working with Nortel Networks, Canada, as a senior system designer in the network management group for OC-192 SONET and later in the DSL group. He was adjunct part time assistant professor at Ottawa University, teaching a course in telecommunication software engineering.

Dr. Nasir was visiting professor at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland and GIPSA lab in Grenoble France to work on a Joint research project on “MAC protocol and MIMO” and “Sensor Networks and MIMO” researches. Dr. Nasir is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco trainer, and Juniper certified associates. In his current role as OpenUAE R&D coordinator did a research on IoT security, blockchain security, and performance, GPS and drone spoofing and jamming, and powerline communication security.



Highlight Activities




Soldering Village with Mitch Altman

Anyone can learn to solder! Even if you have never made anything in your life, you can learn this very useful and enjoyable skill. It really is fun! Mitch will bring kits to make cool, practical, intriguing, hackable things that you can bring home after you make it.



HITB Armory by ToolsWatch

Organized in collaboration with Tools Watch and Opposing Force, the HITB Armory is a brand new dedicated area where independent researchers will get to show off their projects, run their demos and allow you to play around with their awesome security tools!



Capture The Flag Live Hacking Contest

A two-day team and individual-based Capture The Flag competition organized by the XCTF Team from China! We have space for 24 on-site teams (3 players max). Don't have a team, no worries, you can still compete on-site or online! Grab your laptop, jack in and hack on!



SCADA CTF & Village by NSHC

NSHC from Korea will be bringing their SCADA-focused CTF and SCADA demonstration train set for you to check out! The SCADA CTF is open to all visitors and attendees - think you have what it takes to break into real SCADA controllers? Show us!



Car Hacking Village by CHV Defcon & Qihoo360

See a real-life car hacking demo by the world famous Qihoo team! In addition, folks from Defcon's Car Hacking Village will be on-hand with REAL car dashboards for you to play with and everything you need to know to get started with automotive security research and hackery. The tools you'll need, the software to install and all the tips and tricks to start riding the CANBUS!




HITB .edu Capture The Flag Contest

Alongside our main CTF, we will also be running a competition specifically for high-school and college students! The CTF is a jeopardy style contest with attack oriented challenges on Day 1 and defense focused ones on Day 2. Top 3 teams will be asked to present their walkthroughs on both days. Teams will be judged on time taken to solve the challenges, their ingenuity in solving it, and their presentations.



Internet of Things Village by ISE

Organizers of Defcon's IoT Village - Independent Security Evaluators will be in Dubai with a plethora of IoT enabled devices for attendees to play with - from routers to cameras, smart alarms and more. ISE members will guide attendees through analyzing these devices to find bugs and there will also be an IoT CTF with mini prizes up for grabs.




Hardware / Chip-Off Village by VXRL

At the Chip-Off Village, members from VXRL we will teach attendees how to start hacking hardware - specifically how to remove embedded eMMC chips for their own analysis. Some inexpensive JTAG/ISP and chip-off equipment will be made available for attendees to do some testing and eMMC chips with circuit board kits will also be made available.




Capture the Signal by Trend Micro

This is a new wireless signal capture and analysis contest run by Trend Micro from the US. The competition is open to all attendees and there will be SDRs provided for use on-site. They will be running this for the very first time at HITB Dubai.




HITB Badge Village

Yes, there will be a special edition electronic badge for all #HITB2018DXB attendees! Come by the HITB Badge village and learn how to hack your special edition badge and expand its functionality! We’ll show you how to get started reprogramming the badge and hacking it to do more stuff! Unlock secret features, mini-games and more!



Career Zone by Cyber Talents

Run in collaboration with Cyber Talents, the career zone is an area for fresh grads just starting out on their infosec careers or for security professionals looking for their next challenge. Stop by and speak with various GCC based companies looking to hire next generation ninjas!




Hack In The Class Village

Most kids aren’t exposed to interesting hacking stuff at their schools. These junior hackers don’t fit into the square hole. They belong in a ‘hacky classroom’ – one which teaches real tech subjects. With this in mind, we decided to start something new for kids like these at HITB – we call it Hack in The Class. If you are a kid aged 12 and up, drop by where we will have microelectronics for you to program and hack on, a mini web treasure hunt and also a web hacking challenge!







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