04 Feb 18


Technological advancement is undeniably propelling our world forward for the better. We are more connected than ever, and  technological development is the most advanced it has ever been.

These are exciting times. It is clear the benefits of technology are profound and far-reaching; they span fluidly across borders and industries to address major global issues. Yet, as technology advances, so do the entities that threaten it.
Hackers with criminal motivations are growing smarter and faster than ever before, and nation states are leveraging this low-cost and anonymous form of combat to level the traditional kinetic battlefield.

These new cyber threats present major obstacles to business and economic growth, as well as the trust that underpins it. Whilst the average cost of a data breach stands at USD $3.62 million;1 the cost of a major operational outage is unquantifiable – it may even be life threatening.

The fact is, we are facing a crisis and trust is being eroded; but, we are doing little to avert it. While technology has advanced for the better, our thinking has not. Now more than ever, the need for a revolution within the cyber security industry is vital to rebuild trust.

As the threat landscape continues to grow, a new, more predictive and intelligent dimension of cyber security will need to be embraced – one that masters an understanding of threats post-perimeter. Traditional cyber security offerings are becoming increasingly outdated and ineffective; modern threat vectors demand organisations adopt an improved, more dynamic approach. The industry, as a result, will need to foster a level of cyber security resilience in order to remain sustainable.

If we carry on the way we always have, we will risk even greater problems down the road. To prevent this, we need to challenge the current thinking for tackling cyber threats. As hackers and other cyber criminals continue to collaborate and gain ground, we as cyber security corporations, institutions, technologists and users must respond in unity.

In a world where countless connected devices are activated each day, we must work together to combat the vulnerabilities that are growing in parallel to technological advancement. We are calling for a shift in focus from the cyber security
thinking of today to a focus on cyber resilience and the industry needs of tomorrow.

A change in mentality will be an essential part of safeguarding our increasingly connected world; we urge you to join us as we work to build a cyber resilient future – one that is grounded in transparency and trust.

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