KATIM® │ Mobile Apps


Engineered with exacting standards, the Katim mobile apps add an extra layer of security to your world. Staying connected and making prompt decisions requires voice, video, data and news capabilities that are not only the most powerful and easy to use, but also deliver rock-solid military-grade security. Powered by leading-edge technology and research, KATIM® apps can counter any security breach attempts.


KATIM® Messenger



With customizable, multi-layered encryption, multi-factor authentication, and an elegant and intuitive user interface, the KATIM® Messenger provides a resilient mobile voice, video and chat solution.


Operating in today’s fast-paced technology-driven world requires reliable and secure mobile communications. KATIM® Messenger provides end-to-end voice, video and chat functions that keeps critical intellectual property, information and decision-making of corporate executives and government officials private and secure.


KATIM Messenger delivers government-grade security that incorporates industry-leading technology for maximum security. With a platform architecture specifically designed for resilience in worst-case scenarios, you have the confidence that mission-critical communication will remain online and secure.


  • Full, end-to-end encryption and authentication
  • Two layers of cryptography
  • Bespoke 256-bit encryption protocol
  • Message length obfuscation
  • Forward secrecy
  • Application specific authentication
  • Data at rest protection
  • Behind the firewall deployment and user management


  • State-of-the-art Speex WB audio codec (44kbps)
  • Higher quality & lower bit-rate than industry standard


  • Intuitive and elegant UX
  • One-to-one, group, cross-platform chat
  • Recall, delete, self-destruct messages
  • Copy and paste single or multiple messages
  • One-to-one and group voice calls
  • User circles and auto populate contacts
  • Switch between voice calls and chats
  • Show or hide online status
  • Administrator broadcast messaging
  • Admin or user controlled group participation
  • Custom per user notifications
  • Display name over notification
  • Rich multimedia support


KATIM® Engage



KATIM® Engage is a collaboration platform that empowers organizations to create and share rich content with a powerful workflow engine, an intuitive user interface and government-grade security.


Defining digital workplace engagement strategy on shared and collaborative content is crucial for an organization’s effective operation and response to emerging situations. However, the misalignment between adopted technologies and business objectives will expose the organization to a range of operational, reputational and security risks.


KATIM® Engage allows users to exploit diverse content types from text, audio to video, on a streamlined and cohesive content workflow enabled platform that provides total security for collaboration and decision making. Designed and optimized for mobile devices, users can configure highly customized topics and distribution channels, integrating access approval workflows with embedded security, even on the go.


  • Audio version of articles
  • Secure entities for news channels
  • Upload & share photos and videos
  • Secure groups for channel subscription
  • Real-time push notification on content changes
  • Public comments and private chat with author
  • Search, read later, filter articles based on urgency


  • Custom two-layer crypto
  • Strongest forward secrecy
  • True end-to-end encryption
  • Approval workflow for content validation
  • Centrally managed and secure membership to news channels


  • Still and video gallery in article
  • Background video processing and recoding for mobile optimized distribution

KATIM® Email


Adding further convenience to the KATIM® offering without compromising high-end security, we introduce KATIM® Email. This user-friendly email client enables end-to-end encrypted messaging between KATIM® users and support for external users through a secure web portal. At no point from the client on your device to the client on your recipients’ device are your messages decrypted, your email communications remain safe from prying eyes.


Designed for ease-of-use, KATIM® Email can simply be activated with a simple registration code – the intelligent system will then do the rest. No need for confusing key generation, public key sharing or protecting and saving private keys, the system seamlessly addresses these common concerns, all transparent to the end user. KATIM® Email doesn’t only work with KATIM® Phone, but also on Android and iOS mobile devices and through a plug-in for Outlook Windows.

KATIM® Email offers you the ability to quickly identify whether you are sending an email to an internal or external user. All traditional email features such as HTML text formatting, CC and BCC functionality, ability to add attachments and calendar invitations are supported by end-to-end encryption, safeguarding absolute confidentiality, authenticity and integrity.

You can now integrate and manage your KATIM® secure communications suite together through a user-friendly interface, without the need to manage multiple systems.


  • Quick view of internal, external or federated recipients
  • User-friendly themeable interface
  • Web interface for non-KATIM® Email client users
  • Support for iOS, Android and Windows Outlook plug-in
  • In-app preview of attachments
  • Sync Microsoft Exchange email including folder structure
  • Resolve Global Address List contacts through online contact fetch
  • Ability to search through your inbox
  • Push notifications of new email
  • Design that is intuitive and easy to use


  • Complete end-to-end encryption for email and attachments (including body, subject and priority flag)
  • 256-bit cryptographic strength
  • Messages remain encrypted while at rest
  • Built-in secure feedback feature enabling communication with administrator
  • Optional application level password protection
  • Transparent user key management
  • Behind the firewall deployment and administration
  • Built-in IT policy support