01:15 PM | 17 Feb 2019

DarkMatter Group launches the world’s first ultra secure smartphone for extreme field conditions

  • Security without compromise: Purpose built, end-to-end hardened solution based on four security pillars: hardened and tamper-resistant hardware, hardened OS with a hardware-based crypto root of trust, secure communication apps suite and back end infrastructure that, together, form a unique ultra secure system.
  •  Ready for extreme field conditions: designed to rigorous standards for drops, vibration, water and dust, with extended battery-life, and optimized endurance and durability for high humidity, altitude, extreme temperatures and more.
  • Optimized user experience: with good grip, extra loud audio for noisy environments, dedicated buttons for Push-to-Talk and SOS, and touch screen with gloved and wet hand operation.

 Abu Dhabi – 17 February 2019

DarkMatter Group, the region’s first and only fully integrated digital and cyber transformation firm, today unveiled KATIM® R01 the world’s first ultra secure smartphone designed to withstand extreme field conditions.

Designed, vetted and tested by DarkMatter’s engineers in the UAE, Finland and Canada, KATIM® R01 combines premium looks with powerful technology, wrapped in a unique rugged design. It’s the latest in the Company’s end-to-end secure communications solutions ranging from devices to back end services, and a full secure suite of applications based on custom and quantum-resistance cryptographic protocols.  

“We combined our expertise in secure communications with everything the mobile market expects in a handset, including a great user experience. Then we challenged the brightest minds in the industry to create a rugged design to withstand extreme field conditions experienced by defence, emergency services, and the construction, mining, transport, energy, oil and gas industries,” said Karim Sabbagh, CEO of DarkMatter Group.

Tough outside

KATIM® R01 is tough. It has the strength and rigidity delivered by five layers of hardened case, designed to meet two military standards for harsh field conditions.  Equally at home on a construction site or an oil field, KATIM® R01 can handle being dropped, run over and immersed in water for 30 minutes.

Smart technology like the in-built barometer, temperature and humidity sensors optimize endurance and durability for vibration, water, dust, altitude and extreme temperatures. Faced with an emergency situation when fast decision-making is critical, KATIM® R01 delivers messages sent with GPS coordinates, with a dedicated SOS button and touch screen that is accurate with gloved and wet hand operation.

Tougher inside

KATIM® R01 has serious security.  A range of state-of-the-art security features separate communications and data from the outside world. Alert to attackers trying to physically break into the phone, it uses advanced active physical and real-time monitoring to instantly detect intrusions and wipes the phone to protect the user’s data. For highly confidential discussions, SHIELD MODE™ securely cuts off microphones and cameras while still powered on and online.

In 2017, DarkMatter launched its flagship ultra secure KATIM® smartphone.  Today, it takes another leap forward with KATIM® R01. In a world where mobile device exploitation poses significant threats to nations and businesses1, KATIM® R01 is a secure end-to-end hardened phone running secure apps for chat, voice and video. It’s peace of mind.

“We believe in a world where smart and safe mobile security secures nations and businesses. We’re a young company in a vibrant part of the world with the energy and a big ambition to innovate and push the boundaries. KATIM® R01 delivers unbreakable security and the same great user experience, no matter where you are.  In a world that never stops, it’s tough, it’s rugged and it’s ready for anything,” Sabbagh added.

The KATIM® range includes the KATIM® phone, KATIM® OS, KATIM® Apps: Messenger and Email, and the KATIM® Command Centre.


1.DarkMatter’s Cyber Security Report 2018 found that mobile device exploitation was among the top nine threat vectors that were successfully used to elude a targeted organisation’s cyber defences.



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