12:00 AM | 14 Nov 2018



Safelayer, a leading provider of security software, today announced it will be exhibiting at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018. The event is focused on cities and is dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding and critical reflection between inhabitants of different cities worldwide. It will take place on 13 - 15 November 2018 in Barcelona.

At the conference, Safelayer will be showcasing its cyber security technology and software for advanced digital services and identification (ID) infrastructure. Alongside its partner, DarkMatter Group, it will emphasise the effectiveness of digitally delivered services, implementation of Mobile ID and cloud signature capabilities – all related to smart cities and ensuring citizens and residents are safe guarded against cyber-attacks.

Eric Piroux, EMEA-APAC Sales Director, Safelayer, said:

“By 2050, 68% of the world population will live in cities or urban area according to the United Nations, of which the majority will be ‘smart’. However, this gives rise to cybersecurity risks and breaches. Effective protection is our number one priority and our offerings make us the perfect partner for government agencies looking to implement a highly secure, smart city digitisation programme.”

The aim of smart cities is to leverage digitisation to raise the quality of life of citizens. The provision of rich and complete digital services that comply with local administrative and legal requirements is only possible if cyber security is placed at the heart of smart city initiatives and trust is established and maintained end-to-end.

During the Gitex Technology Week in October, DarkMatter Group was announced as the strategic partner on the launch of UAEPASS, the National Digital Identity and Signature Solution for all citizens and residents within the UAE. It provides a single digital identity that allows the user to access services for both local and federal government entities, in addition to other service providers. The solution introduces mobile based authentication to users who can simply validate their identity using their smartphone. DarkMatter Group provided the digital ID platform, which is built on cryptography techniques with authentication and verification methods that meet international standards.

This digital identity solution is the result of a partnership between Safelayer and DarkMatter Group. The framework created by Smart Dubai is an example for others to follow.  Smart Dubai and its partners are building a smarter and safer economy while driving digital transformation across the Emirate.

About Safelayer

Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a leading provider of security software for Public Key Infrastructure (NATO and CC EAL4+ certified PKI), Multi-Factor Authentication (Identity Federation, Adaptive Authentication, SSO, Mobile ID), Electronic and Cloud Signature, Data Encryption and for the protection of Electronic Transactions. Safelayer’s eID technologies protect, serve and make use of the digital identity of people (corporate users or citizens), as well as connected objects (software systems or hardware devices), contributing to building trust in today's digital era. For further details, visit www.safelayer.com

About DarkMatter Group

Headquartered in the UAE, DarkMatter Group is the region’s first and only fully-integrated digital transformation, defence and cyber security solutions provider.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of smart and safe digital transformation to our stakeholders; with innovation and research being at the core of our advancement and practices.

DarkMatter Group enables businesses and governments to harness and maximise the benefits of the digital world safely and effectively through four main divisions:

  • DarkMatter is the Cyber Security and Secure Communications practice which focuses on security, safety, and resilience for businesses.
  • DigitalX1 is the Digital Transformation and Applied Technologies practice which helps businesses and governments harness advanced technologies in pursuit of operational excellence.
  • DigitalE1 is the Education practice which seeks to advance knowledge transformation by embedding digital talent in the company’s services.
  • Government Solutions is the practice dedicated to helping governments strengthen their defence and security posture through bespoke technologies.

DarkMatter Group provides bespoke solutions for a selection of vital sectors including defence and intelligence, civil government, financial services, transportation, energy, and telecommunications. Visit www.darkmatter.ae


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