Blockchain is a powerful system that enables transaction executions and record keeping for a variety of services while achieving significant operational efficiencies and an improved QoS. The technology also increases data security through its cryptographic and auditability properties. Hence, the technology is poised to transform traditional business models by offering a multitude of benefits including reduced costs, higher transparency, improved security and enhanced efficiency. Most importantly, blockchain eliminates the need for a trusted party or an intermediary, replacing those with secure cryptographic and consensus layers, making the flow of value safer and more efficient.

With blockchain technology at the heart of many smart implementations, including paperless governments and hospitals, DarkMatter’s one-of-a-kind, smart-environment-ready Blockchain SDK is an attractive offering for smart cities and countries.

Our Blockchain SDK is ideal for a range of smart environment implementations, including real estate transactions, electronic medical records management, smart contracts such as lease or sale agreements, critical infrastructure supply-chain tracking, financial services transactions, and peer-to-peer services.

The solution provides multi-layered cryptography incorporating a comprehensive framework for authentication, authorization and accountability; provably secure cryptography; integrity checks; cryptographic digital signatures, and flexible consensus-scheme alternatives.

The Blockchain SDK integrates on-chain and off-chain documents, databases, services and transactions, as well as cyber-physical systems such as smart grids. Ideal for smart implementations, the solution offers a dynamic framework that can represent and manage changing identities, group memberships, attributes, roles, and entitlements, and can both qualify and quantify these for automated policy compliance in use cases such as smart contracts.