We recognize that cryptography is a foundational pillar underlying virtually every secure communication protocol, VPN, public key infrastructure (PKI), https web page, encrypted hard drive, and even emerging technologies such as blockchain. Our approach addresses attacks on a cryptographic system across four broad categories: weak cryptographic protocols, theoretical cryptanalysis, cryptographic system implementation flaws, and side-channel attacks. We address these by leveraging the skills of our mathematicians, cryptographers and cryptanalysts to provide you with the most advanced and secure crypto services and solutions that ensure top-grade security and the highest cryptographic security bounds.

For the highest security confidence, our custom cryptographic solutions ensure no backdoors or hidden vulnerabilities. Expertise in all areas of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key exchange, key encapsulation mechanisms and digital signatures. Protecting you against the latest vulnerabilities and future proofing for the post-quantum era.


Custom Algorithm Development


For customers with the most demanding cyber security requirements, DarkMatter can develop proprietary and customized crypto libraries with the highest security bounds. The custom crypto product is ideal for government leaders, military and defense organizations, critical infrastructure operators and other strategic entities and programmes.




DarkMatter can develop and integrate custom cryptographic suites into a range of hardware and software environments, including:

  • End-to-end and peer-to-peer secure communications solutions
  • Layer-2 and Layer-3 crypto boxes and VPN boxes
  • Firmware of embedded devices such as smart cards, SIMs and other mobile products requiring a small-form hardware security module (HSM)
  • Multi-tiered communication security models, such as those used by defense organizations and heads of state.
  • We also can custom design cryptographic algorithms and primitives across symmetric, asymmetric and hashing algorithms that are tailored and optimized to operate in energy-constrained and/or computationally limited devices such as IoT sensors and appliances


Post Quantum Cryptography



Our leading researchers can develop your cryptography system to address even the most advanced futuristic threats, including side-channel attacks today and post-quantum computing in the future.

Our work in the field of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) can provide your organization with post-quantum crypto libraries that are resistant to polynomial-time quantum algorithms that will allow quantum computers to quickly break today’s standard cryptography.

In addition, the advanced research we are doing in side-channel attacks can help you deploy a cryptographic system that is impervious to the most advanced forms of these attacks.


Cryptography Evaluation Services


For customers with existing or recently acquired products or solutions, DarkMatter provides evaluation services that address all aspects of a cryptographic system, including code vetting, cryptographic materials testing and cryptographic hardware testing.