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Xen1thLabs - About us

We apply advanced security framework and research techniques to improve the security posture of your products and solutions

Headquartered in the UAE, xen1thLabs consists of an elite team of security researchers. While delivering customer-oriented security intelligence, we reckon upon our considerable academic knowledge and practise-based know-how and stay constantly laser-focused on organisational cyber-protection that became a synonym of business stability and longevity in the third millennium. To let Governments, businesses and individuals successfully implement their information security initiatives and set up the unwavering cyber-defense, we use our frameworks, and methodologies and our technical savviness to deliver reliable services with business benefits as the core target.

Throughout our practise, we have gained solid competencies in such a fundamental domain of information security as System Security Testing Consulting. We offer software, hardware, mobile security testing, network and infrastructure security assessment to meet security needs of organisations regardless of their size and the industry they operate in.

Our endeavour to create first-rate cyber-protection shapes the second vector of our activities: a highly differentiated expertise that encompasses a whole range of Cryptographic Advisory Services. Today we are highly proficient in such domains as cryptanalysis, side-channel analysis, cryptographic algorithm validation and testing, cryptographic implementation testing and more. Providing cryptographic advisory services, we, first of all, aim at transforming this sophisticated technology into a valuable component of the organisation-wide cyber-defense that ensures data immunity and enables companies to fulfil their security strategy.






Since cyber-security is a highly dynamic domain, only those companies that manage to keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, have an in-house research and zero-day team, and adapt their technologies to aptly thwart sophisticated cyber attacks can succeed in their battle against cyber criminals. Always keeping up with the latest cyber security trends, Xen1th’s experts and researchers apply their unique in-depth knowledge, strategic thinking and business foresight to provide innovation-driven services that enable organisations to create powerful and efficient security systems. Furthermore, we never stop improving our skills, we expand our thinking horizons as well as continuously look for better and unprecedented security solutions to help businesses resist the most intricate cyber-threats.




The availability of ad-hoc equipment and appropriate locations to carry out complex security investigations always stays Xen1th’s competitive advantage and guarantees quality services for our customers. Partnering with Xen1th, organisations can be sure that the entire service cycle is accomplished by our experts and by our own technical means. We employ a large set of dedicated tools to carry out the most complicated security tests and research. We deliver precise results and let security analysts see a comprehensive and unbiased profile of their security implementations.




Realising how cyber security influences businesses, we understand that our services should be aligned with corporate values of our customers. That is why Xen1th’s everyday activities rest upon the principles of transparency and ethics. We put our efforts on making our services clear-cut and understandable. This means each step we make pursues an organisation’s security objectives and contributes to their fulfilment. At the same time, Xen1th’s ethical code asserts that our customers’ reputation and immunity stay the top priorities for us throughout the entire service cycle.